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Artistic Support Material

Relevant images / recent examples of my portrait photography work
and experimentation with fabric:


1. 'The Dichotomy Of Love In A World of Impermanence' – a personal essay
published in Ponderings Magazine, 2020

"Viruses mutate. Restrictions lift. Moments drip through fingers like glorified pearlescent goo. Love, plans, and states of being can only ever be held like they are now. I admit that I’m an anxious lover, but I no longer want to wear it like protective fur over my collarbones. I don’t want my life to be determined by the meaning I give to my traumas, the false permanence I give my identity. There's a soothing safety in the quality of holding something, anything of this world, just as close as keeping it far away, and looking at it like it’s brand new, and about to slip away..."

2. 'The Wayward Duck' – a charming-yet-informative news story published on 
Broadsheet, 2019

"A dark, mysterious and handsome stranger has touched down in the wetlands at Melbourne Water's Western Treatment Plant in Werribee. He has a shiny (Birthday Party era) Nick Cave-like black quiff and bright yellow eyes. Yes, he is a duck.


A tufted duck, to be precise, which has taken an 8000-kilometre-plus wrong turn on its migration route. According to Sean Dooley, editor of Australian Birdlife Magazine, the bird has never been seen in Australia before. Normally it follows a migratory route from Northern Europe to Asia..."

Brief writing excerpts:

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